You never walk alone

Tess Milne

There is only so much that you can do independently. The Royal Social Club is here to walk those extra miles with you.

We’re a team with extensive knowledge of the entertainment industry. We believe in Management 3.0, which is about understanding the artists aims, attitude & behaviour first before setting up realistic business objectives. That social media & sponsorships are just as important for an artist, as everything else they do. And that you need a great team if you want to win.

We are your team

Nederlands doelman Tim Krul

We create an environment where our clients worry only about making sure they do what they love, every single day. By providing services like day-to-day artist management, strategic social media management , content management & creation, digital PR and merchandising, we make sure our clients do what they do best and we take care of the rest. We found that new forms of collaboration with brands are a central revenue source. And they require a broader business and digital savvy team to envision and evaluate opportunities effectively.

So with a focus on that ever so important helicopter view, we strive at efficiently managing the daily tasks that keep things going, too. We’re not just your management, we’re your team.

Who we are

Jurre and his fans

The Royal Social Club supports high-end influencers in reaching the next level in their career with a deep focus on the digital environment we live in. With an extensive network of artists, djs, sport stars and celebrities, we know exactly how important fans & followers are. And that staying on top of your fans minds by making them part of your life, is of great value. Not just for you as an influencer, but also for brands. And with brands needing to continue to find new ‘authentic’ marketing channels, there’s an obvious bridge we’re happy to build together with our clients.